Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quebec Father, 93, Found Guilty Of Assaulting Daughters

From The Ottawa Citizen:

MONTREAL - The crime happened 50 years ago, but the victims still greeted the verdict with a sense of relief.

On Tuesday, 93-year-old Philippe Hamelin was found guilty of sexually assaulting his two daughters, leaving the judge to decide whether to send the elderly man in poor health behind bars.

"All my life I felt sorry for him, now it's over," saidher sister, Michelle.

Despite their father's age and ill health, the women want their father to go to jail.

Philippe Hamelin is partially blind and deaf, suffers from skin cancer and requires a walker to get around.

By some accounts he's one of the oldest persons ever to be tried in Quebec.

During the trial, the Hamelin sisters described their childhood as hellish. They testified being repeatedly beaten and molested for more than a decade, only deciding to contact police two years ago - half a century later.

On Tuesday, Hamelin maintained his innocence.

"I've never touched my girls," he said.

The case returns to court on Oct. 20 for a sentencing hearing.

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