Monday, September 1, 2008

Quebec Poutine -- Haute Cuisine?


Quebec Poutine Festival Confirms Working-Class Dish
Now Haute Cuisine -- Canadian Press

Drummondville, Que. — A foie gras poutine served at a festival in the central Quebec town Drummondville confirms the dish's place in the world of haute cuisine.

One of the purported birthplaces of Quebec's best-known dish - the french fry, cheese curd and gravy melange - held its first poutine festival last weekend.

Mario Patry was the professional chef in charge of the Festival de la poutine de Drummondville.

"That's mine, that's my creation," he said of the foie gras poutine being sold.

"People want to eat better and better. And they're connoisseurs."

The town of 67,000, about an hour from Montreal, is where restaurateur Jean-Paul Roy of Le Roy Jucep restaurant claims to have invented the dish in 1964. The Quebec towns Warwick and Victoriaville also lay claim to being poutine's birthplace.

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Update: Poutine, culture intertwined -- Windsor Star

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