Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reviewing The Polls

Governor General Michaelle Jean and Prime Minister Stephen Harper watch performances by Canadian artists on Parliament Hill during a Canada Day concert in Ottawa, Canada on July 1, 2007. Over 200,000 Canadians flocked to the nation's capital to celebrate Canada's 140th birthday. (UPI Photo/Grace Chiu).

Leaders Have Good Points, But ... -- The Montreal Gazette

New polls show that we have major reservations about all of them.

Stephen Harper is seen as the best person to steer the country, but Quebecers are still suspicious about a "hidden agenda."

Stéphane Dion is respected for his environmental stand, but Quebecers don't trust him.

Gilles Duceppe shares the values of Quebecers, but they aren't sure what he offers, beyond out-of-vogue sovereignty.

And Jack Layton connects with working-class Quebecers, but they don't want him managing the economy.

That's the rough portrait that emerges from new public-opinion surveys on how Quebec views the leaders of the four major political parties.

Quebecers might decide whether or not a majority government is elected on Oct. 14, so their perceptions are key.

The Gazette examined the numbers in three recent polls done in Quebec on how strong the four leaders are perceived to be in various categories.

Among the findings of the polls:

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