Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tory Majority?

Tory Majority? Why Stephen Harper Is Riding High
In The Polls -- CBC News

Upon learning that Bob Rae's New Democrats had won a majority government in Ontario in 1990, a woman from Forest Hill was quoted as saying that she had never met anyone who voted NDP. Presumably she did not speak to her nanny about politics. Her nanny, as the joke goes, was about to be sworn in as Minister of Community and Social Services.

If the latest poll Environics has conducted for the CBC holds until election day, Canada will have a majority Conservative government under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It shouldn't surprise Torontonians if on the Saturday morning after Election Day they overhear someone at the St. Lawrence Market say to a fellow shopper: "Harper won a majority. Did you see that coming? I don't know anybody who voted Tory, do you?"

Environics polled a representative sample of 2,505 eligible Canadian voters. Their message was pretty clear.

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