Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Comment From The STM

The STM's No. 66 bus in N.D.G.
Photograph by: Robert J. Galbraith, The Gazette

STM Won't Comment On English Dispute On No. 66 Bus -- Montreal Gazette

Driver threw passengers off bus in N.D.G. after Pakistani man asked for the time – in English.

MONTREAL – There’s been no word from Montreal’s transit authority on the outcome of an internal investigation launched after a bus driver kicked a Pakistani man off a bus for asking for the time in English.

Questions about possible disciplinary action against the driver, who threw everyone off the No. 66 bus at 6:45 a.m. in Notre Dame de Grâce and called police, are being deflected while a probe into the matter continues.

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My Comment: If this driver was English, and the passenger was French, we will be having the exact opposite of what is happening now. We would be having demonstrations, demands that the bus driver be fired, politicians getting involved .... and trust me on this .... the STM spokesperson would not be saying that no comment can be made now because of the investigation.

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