Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Spaceman' Lee Goesn't Like DH Or Aluminum Bats


VANCOUVER — A flake, a whacko, a visionary . . . former Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos pitcher Bill 'Spaceman' Lee was called a lot of things during his 14-year Major League Baseball career.

And rightfully so. The guy quoted Chairman Mao, supported environmental causes and did yoga. Once he got himself fined for saying he sprinkled pot on his pancakes.

In 14 MLB seasons Lee, now 62 and still throwing 77 miles per hour, fastballs, never met a microphone he didn't love. And the men and women holding them loved him.

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Update #1: He said it: (In)famous sayings of Bill 'Spaceman' Lee -- Vancouver Sun

Update #2: Dropping Obama's testicles? Q&A with Bill 'Spaceman' Lee -- Vancouver Sun

My Comment: One of the most entertaining ball players that I have ever met. He was a joy to watch when he played in Montreal .... and a greater joy to listen to after a ball game.

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