Monday, September 8, 2008

Dion Campaigning In The Montreal Area

From CJAD:

There was some "unparliamentary" -- indeed, some downright rough language -- from liberal leader Stephane Dion as he campaigned in southshore St-Lambert on the first full day of the campaign.

Dion, campaigning in southshroe St-Lambert, bristled at conservative accusations that the Liberals would un-do the Tory cuts to the GST, and cut the federal child-care allowance.

Duion called on Harper to stop lying and "debate honestly for a change".
The outburst was a response to the latest attack ads from the Tories, where Dion is described as a "risky choice".

Dion countered by saying how under the Harper conservatives, the rate of growth of the canadian economy hasn't been this slow since another Conservative, Brian Mulroney was in power.

Later in the day, the Liberal leader made a brief campaign stop at Dawson college to talk about gun control.

Dion scoffed at the Harper Conservatives' claims that they are the "law and order" party. The Liberal leader says it's the Conservatives who are soft on crime because, he says, they're soft on assault weapons. Dion says the harper government has weakened the gun registry, and allowed the list of prohibited weapons to become outdated.

He promises that if elected, his party will update that list to include assault weapons like the one used by Kimveer Gill at Dawson.

Dion says a liberal government will submit the recently-published coroner's report on the Dawson shooting to the federal advisory committee on firearms, pledging to "listen to the experts" on firearms.

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