Sunday, September 7, 2008

Listeria Found In Local Cheese

From the Montreal Gazette:

Business was booming at La Fromagerie Atwater yesterday as customers crowded the small shop at the Atwater Market in search of the perfect cheese wheel.

Most people were unaware that, only hours earlier, many of the exquisite cheeses Quebec is famous for were pulled from La Fromagerie's shelves as yet another discovery of listeria bacteria prompted the recall of several products.

The Quebec government did not specifically link any of the contaminated cheeses to known cases of food poisoning, however.

Eight cheeses from Fromagerie Médard of St. Gédéon, in the Lac St. Jean region, and three more from Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde of Ste. Sophie, in the Laurentians, were recalled by Quebec's Agriculture Department late Friday.

The two companies distribute the products to more than 300 stores across the province, including La Fromagerie Atwater.

The cheese shop's owner, Gilles Jourdenais, said he found out about the recall the same way as everyone else.

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