Saturday, September 6, 2008

Montreal City Buses For the Disabled Are Not Working

Half Of Adapted-Transit Fleet Sits Idle At Maintenance Shop
-- The Montreal Gazette

As many as 46 buses. Mechanics blame backlog on reduced staffing
With as many as half the Montreal Transit Corp.'s fleet of 86 adapted transit mini-buses now sidelined for repairs, the service should be discontinued, an advocate for the disabled says.

"Give me (private) taxis all the time, 100 per cent," said Pierre Cajolais, executive director of the Alliance des regroupements d'usagers du transport adapté du Québec."They're faster, cheaper and more efficient." When MTC mini-buses cannot transport disabled or limited mobility commuters, the transit corporation pays taxis to do it.

Cajolais had not received any complaints recently from commuters about MTC mini-buses missing due to repairs.

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