Saturday, September 6, 2008

After Record High, Rain To Cool Off City

From The Montreal Gazette:

After a glorious first week of September, featuring temperatures well above seasonal norms, Montrealers experienced an almost 15-degree climb in temperature yesterday and smashed a record for the hottest Sept. 5 at Trudeau International Airport.

We awoke yesterday to a comfortable 17C, but as the skies cleared and the sun beat down, the mercury rose to a high of 32.9C at 3 p.m., surpassing the mark of 32C set in 1999.

In comparison, we were shivering in our sweaters and long pants back in 1974, when the airport weather station registered a record low of 5C.

The seasonal average temperatures for this time of year are highs of 22C and lows of 11C.

Let's hope you enjoyed a barbecue or time on a terrace last night, as into this late summer swelter a little rain must fall.

Environment Canada is forecasting showers and a high of 24C today, and sunny skies and a high of 23C tomorrow.

The Weather Network, the service used by The Gazette, is calling for cloudy skies with showers today and a high of 24C. Tomorrow's outlook is for variable clouds with a high of 23C.

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