Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quebec's Importance In The Federal Election -- News Reports

Harper Tells Quebecers: 'Bloc Is Not A Choice'
-- Globe And Mail

Launching his federal election campaign in Quebec City, Conservative leader Stephen Harper appealed to Quebeckers to abandon the Bloc because it cannot deliver spending goodies for the province.

Quebec is shaping up to be a major battleground for the Tories, with polls suggesting their support is tied, or just slightly behind the once-mighty Bloc Québécois.

"The Bloc is not a choice for Quebeckers for one simple reason: the Bloc will always be in opposition and will always come home to Quebeckers empty handed," Mr. Harper told a packed crowd in a small Quebec City hotel ballroom.

In a display of humility, Mr. Harper said that each day he's trying to improve his French because he thinks a Canadian prime minister should able to speak the language to do their job. The statement drew great applause from the audience, which included members of the provincial Liberal and Action démocratique du Québec parties.

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