Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vision Montreal Leader Wants Expo 2020 In Montreal

Expo 67

From Yahoo News/CBC:

MONTREAL (CBC) - Montreal's opposition leader has taken steps to try to bring Expo 2020 to the city.

Vision Montreal leader Benoît Labonté has created a non-profit organization to work on a bid for the world fair, which he believes could revitalize the island.

He was only seven years old when Montreal hosted the highly successful Expo 67, but Labonté said it was an "extraordinary" event that brought magic to the city.

"What do the Expo 67 passports evoke?" he asked, holding up the distinctive red and gold booklet at a news conference.

"It evokes Montreal's greatness, the moment when we thought everything was possible in Montreal, that the future belonged to us."

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My Comment: This City is broke. It does not have the resources to redo another Expo. I guess it is nice to dream, but Montreal today is not the Montreal of 40 years ago.

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