Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gagliano Receives Federal Loan To Buy Vineyard

Dunham, Quebec

From the National Post:

MONTREAL -- A Montreal newspaper is reporting that a former cabinet minister in charge of the federal program linked to the sponsorship scandal has bought a vineyard in Quebec's Eastern Townships with a government loan of more than $500,000.

Montreal La Presse reported on the weekend that the purchase of the Dunham vineyard was registered last Friday in the Quebec Land Registry for $733,687. The loan from Farm Credit Canada, a federal Crown corporation, was for $550,000.

Alfonso Gagliano and his family plan to harvest the grapes in the next few weeks and sell their wine under the name Gagliano Vineyard by next spring, he told La Presse.

As public works minister in the late 1990s, Mr. Gagliano was responsible for the program geared to promote federalism in Quebec.

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My Comment: I also have a farm (vineyard) in Dunham. He is only a click away from my place. This makes my blood boil. The money that I invested came from my pocket and hard work .... it is infuriating that someone like him can use people's tax dollars to have some fun.

Question. I spent years learning about growing and making wine. What is his expertise?

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