Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Montreal West Enacts New Measures To Crack Down On Graffiti

Photo: A wall in a municipal parking lot near the corner of Curzon and Westminster.

From The Westmount Examiner:

Faced with an annual rite of spring that seems to draw spraypainting vandals out in full force after a long winter inside, the Town of Montreal West has passed new legislation cracking down on graffiti artists.

An amended version of Montreal West Bylaw 456 concerning nuisance, noise and public security provides the means to prevent graffiti and requires that it be cleaned up propmptly.

Adopted by town council last week, it also contains provisions for public security officers to intervene in situations where individuals are consuming alcohol in public parks, especially if they are minors.

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My Comment: This is one of my pet peeves .... the damage from graffiti is everywhere, and the punishment if caught is just "literally" a slap on the wrist.

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