Monday, April 6, 2009

Panel Looks At The Use Of English In Quebec

From The Montreal Gazette:

MONTREAL ­ There was a funny moment at a panel discussion Saturday on whether too much English is spoken in Quebec.

An emeritus professor of political science had just finished saying French Quebecers should stand up and be proud of their language, when a younger colleague sitting next to him piped up with an anglicism.

“Il faut être très groundé, pour employer une expression québécoise, pour savoir c’est quoi la situation ici,” said Christian Dufour, arguing for access to suppressed Quebec government data on the state of the French language.

(English translation: “We have to be really grounded, to use a Quebec expression, to know what the situation is here.”)

His white-haired colleague, Louis Balthazar, couldn’t believe his ears.

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My Comment: I always find it weird for a panel of "French" experts to determine what should be and what should not be when it comes to being English in Quebec. Sigh .... only in Quebec.

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