Wednesday, June 17, 2009

City Of Montreal Voices Concern Over Rebuilding Turcot Interchange

The $1.5 billion Turcot project will see the elevated expressway
brought down to ground level beginning this fall.

From The CBC:

The City of Montreal asked Transport Quebec on Tuesday to go back to the drawing board with its plan to rebuild the Turcot interchange.

The $1.5-billion plan would see much of the elevated interchange brought to ground level, but the city said it doesn't do enough to encourage public transit.

The Turcot interchange, which links the Décarie Expressway, Highway 20 and the Ville-Marie Expressway west of downtown Montreal, is crumbling and needs to be replaced, officials say. About 280,000 vehicles use the interchange every day, making it the busiest in Quebec. Transport Quebec has said its rebuilding plan will permit 25,000 more cars to pass through the area each day.

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Update: Politicians get their say on Turcot -- CTV

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