Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is French In Danger In Montreal?

Eighty-seven per cent of francophones surveyed agreed with the statement: "The French language is threatened in Montreal." Photograph by: (THE GAZETTE/John Kenney)

From The Montreal Gazette:

Anglos, allophones dismiss concerns over language.

MONTREAL - Is French threatened in Montreal? Depends whom you ask.

French-speaking Quebecers are almost unanimous that it is, while English-speakers and immigrants overwhelmingly dismiss the concern.

That is the main finding of a poll by Léger Marketing for the Association for Canadian Studies and the Quebec Community Groups Network.

"There is a gigantic gap between francophones and non-francophones on whether they think French is threatened," said Jack Jedwab, the association's executive director.

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My Comment: I would have to agree with the supposition that the French language is in danger in Montreal. The majority of the young are so plugged into the world wide web, the culture as well as the social networks, that with time French becomes secondary to the English language.

The fact that the French Quebecois are not having as many kids as they use to .... this is only accelerating this trend.

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