Thursday, June 18, 2009

Montreal North Community Fears Being Held Hostage In Culture Of Violence

Rioting youth in Montreal North set fires in garbage cans, and damaged storefronts, cars and bus shelters late Tuesday night. (CBC)

From The Globe And Mail:

Residents of a hardscrabble Montreal neighbourhood are concerned that local youths are developing a knee-jerk reaction of violence toward police after more looting and vandalism in the area.

Seven people were charged yesterday after clashes between police and youth overnight spilled through the streets and back alleys of the city's Montreal North borough.

Shattered glass from windows of parked cars glittered in the streets yesterday, and broken windows dotted the front of some dwellings and businesses.

Damage was estimated in the thousands of dollars.

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My Comment: It has been a few years since I moved out of that area .... the idea that it has gotten worse is hard to imagine.

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