Monday, June 22, 2009

A Commentary From Red Fisher On The Sale Of The Montreal Canadians

I'll Miss You, George -- The Montreal Gazette

Are you as surprised as I am that owner George N. Gillett Jr. and the Molson brothers, Geoff, Andrew and Justin, have reached an agreement in principle for the purchase of 80.1 per cent of the Canadiens, the Bell Centre and Gillett Entertainment Group? I'm surprised that Gillett sold the team. Yeah, sure I am. I mean ... the last time I saw Gillett sneaking out of the building with a set of used goalie pads, his response to a question of whether or not he was selling the team was: "Uh ... oh ... (followed by a few deep breaths with gusts up to gasps) ... it's nothing more than estate planning." My pal George brought the 10-second interview to an end so quickly, I didn't have time to ask him whether or not I was mentioned in his will.

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