Monday, June 22, 2009

STM Fare Inspectors Could Be Put To Better Use, Critic Says

A commuter swipes her Opus card. The STM estimates fraud accounts for $20 million in lost revenue per year - five per cent of total revenue - a number gleaned from discussions with other transit agencies around the world. Photograph by: Vincenzo D'Alto, Gazette file photo

From The Montreal Gazette:

Will be checking users' proof of purchase with Opus readers starting in September.

MONTREAL - What the public transit system needs is more mechanics or real live people to talk to for help finding a bus route - not more inspectors to double check that we've paid our fares, says Normand Parisien.

Parisien, the executive director of Transport 2000, was reacting to news the Société de transport de Montréal has hired 25 new inspectors to board buses and the métro to make sure no one's getting a free ride.

That's on top of the 117 full-time inspectors who earn up to about $62,500 a year.

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