Sunday, June 28, 2009

Montrealer Facing Beheading Pleads With PM For Help

Photo: Mohamed Kohail was sentenced in Saudi Arabia to a public beheading after a schoolyard brawl that led to a death. (Canadian Press)

From The CBC:

A Montreal man facing beheading in Saudi Arabia has written directly to Stephen Harper, asking the prime minister to personally intervene in his case.

Mohamed Kohail's family members gave the letter to Trade Minister Stockwell Day when they met in Jidda on Saturday and relatives asked Day to deliver it to Harper.

In it, Kohail tells Harper he feels his government has let him down.

"I am currently spending more time in jail than William Sampson although my case does not have any political implications," Kohail wrote.

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My Comment: Facing death for their son, the family is now looking at the Canadian Government for a "get out of jail free card". It is not going to work. I have visited many countries, and like all visitors in another country, we all know that we are subject to their rules and laws. Break down .... there will be consequences .... a fact that Mohamed Kohail is learning to his regret.

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