Monday, June 29, 2009

Scars Left From Dawson Shooting

File photo: Unidentified people run from Place Alexis Nihon, Wednesday September 13, 2006, following a shooting. The gunman, was shot by police. Panicked students and shoppers ran out of Alexis Nihon shopping centre soon after being evacuated from Dawson College because of rumours of gunfire at the mall. Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, THE GAZETTE

From The Montreal Gazette:

Major study; Tough to identify people who need counselling most.

Sick leave. Burnout. Depression. The sleeplessness, flashbacks and hyper-vigilance symptomatic of post-traumatic stress disorder.

A major research study - the first of its kind looking at the effects of mass shootings in the age of Columbine and Virginia Tech - says the closer students and staff at Dawson College were to the shooting three years ago, the greater the risk of psychological scarring, that "a sense of heaviness had settled upon them."

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Update: Major study conducted on Dawson shooting -- CTV

Update #2: Dawson College students, staff still struggling -- CBC

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