Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guy Lafleur Gets Suspended Sentence

Former Montreal Canadiens star Guy Lafleur could be fined or receive a sentence to be served in the community. (CP File Photo)

From CTV News:

Montreal Canadiens legend Guy Lafleur, convicted last month for giving contradictory testimony at his son's bail hearing, received a one year suspended sentence and a fine of $10,000 to go to charity. The fine will go to Dollard Cormier rehab centre.

The judge agreed that Lafleur's drive to protect his son was a mitigating circumstance.

The maximum penalty for the offense is 14 years in jail. The crown was asking for a two-year-less-a-day sentence to be served in the community.

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Update: Former Canadiens star Guy Lafleur receives suspended sentence -- CBC

My Comment: He was lucky. If he does this again, it will mean jail time.

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