Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anger In Verdun Over Loss Of Bilingual Paper

Transcontinental says articles in both French and English were taking up too much space but it says English translations are available online.

From CTV:

Some Verdun residents took their anger to Verdun borough hall Tuesday evening following a decision by Transcontinental Inc. to stop printing English content in several bilingual weekly newspapers.

Borough Mayor Claude Trudel read out a letter that he has sent to the Montreal media company, decrying its decision to publish Messager de Verdun in French only.

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My Comment: I suggest that we put a sticker with an X over a Messenger Paper on our mail boxes to tell the delivery person that we do not want the paper. If they do not want to serve us .... we do not want their paper. Get a few thousand people to go along .... trust me .... the publisher is going to notice.

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