Monday, September 7, 2009

Immigrants To Quebec Find Job Search Hard

Photo: Aurelie Tseng has been looking for a job in Montreal for two years. (CBC)

From The CBC:

Recent immigrants to Quebec have a harder time finding work than the average person, according to a CBC report.

The unemployment rate for new immigrants living in the province is nearly double the national joblessness average of eight per cent.

Language barriers are a major obstacle for many people looking for work, especially in Quebec, where the dominant language is French.

But even for French-speaking immigrants, searching for employment can be frustrating.

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My Comment: The CBC does not say it .... but many of my immigrant French speaking friends who are unemployed believe there is a Quebec French only rule to hiring .... immigrants need not apply.

My parents themselves were exposed to this xenophobic mentality when they immigrated to Quebec 50 years ago .... put it bluntly .... French Quebecers do not like outsiders living in their community.

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