Monday, September 7, 2009

Rawdon, Quebec

Is Rawdon the anti-Hérouxville? -- Montreal Gazette

Ethnic differences seen as advantage

MONTREAL – Rawdon looks like any other rural town in Quebec. A Maxi store and a McDonald's emerge out of cornfields and sugar shacks down the highway.

But behind its pure-laine facade, this town of 10,000 boasts 48 nationalities - from Swedes to Cubans to Sri Lankans.

An hour's drive north of Montreal, Rawdon is the antithesis of Hérouxville, the Mauricie town that became infamous for issuing a "code of conduct" for immigrants. Rawdon is a place where ethnic and religious differences are not to be feared and loathed, but welcomed and turned to advantage.

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My Comment: Rawdon is where my parents are buried. I prefer living in St. Donat, but Rawdon is cheaper, and housing is more affordable.


Anonymous said...

I will visit this city pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Rawdon has not become a bigotted society in any way. I went up there with family when I was a kid for summer holidays. Ought to go again. I love multiculturalism. :)