Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rowers Upset By Parc Jean Drapeau Plan To Put Cyclists In Their Midst

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at Parc Jean Drapeau

From The CBC:

A plan to prevent racing cyclists from using the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at Parc Jean Drapeau is now angering rowing enthusiasts.

The park says there are too many bicycle accidents on the racetrack, which was built for Formula One car races and will host a NASCAR event in August, because high-speed cyclists have been training on the course for triathlons and road races.

The park is installing bumps and barriers to slow them down. And the park is encouraging those cyclists that remain to use the nearby track that circles the Olympic Basin.

That's not sitting well with the rowers, kayakers and dragon boaters who currently use the basin.

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