Friday, June 12, 2009

Two Years Later, Ex Lt..-Gov Still Hasn't Reimbursed Taxpayers

Former Lt.-Gov. Lise Thibault testifies at a legislature committee to defend expenses she made in the past, Thursday Oct. 30, 2008. (CP File Photo.)

From The CTV:

Lise Thibault, the embattled former lieutenant governor who's the subject of two police investigations for alleged over-spending, still hasn't reimbursed taxpayers two years after a scathing auditor's report.

PQ critic Agnes Maltais raised the matter in the legislature on Wednesday, saying the file appears stalled despite SQ and RCMP probes that concluded months ago.

"Nothing has happened for eight months," Matlais said.

"Is it because this is a position with no oversight and (Liberals) are afraid to sue the Queen?"

Martine Berube, a spokeswoman for the Crown, said the police reports are currently being studied but that no decision has been made on possible criminal or civil proceedings.

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My Comment: If I stole .... and I am using that word "stole" .... $700,000 .... I would be in the slammer so fast that it would make my head spin. So, why is this person not in jail and her possessions seized?

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