Monday, December 14, 2009

Backlash Against Uranium Mining In Sept-Iles

Photo: Hundreds of protesters gathered Sunday in Sept-Îles to protest uranium exploration in Quebec. (Fanny Lévesque/Le Soleil/Canadian Press)

Sept-Îles Residents Protest Uranium Exploration -- CBC

Protesters back doctors who threaten to quit region

Sept-Îles residents continue to pressure Quebec to slap a moratorium on uranium exploration in the province, despite the government's promise to open a debate on health and safety concerns surrounding the industry.

Some 1,000 protesters gathered Sunday in the town about 900 kilometres northeast of Montreal on the North Shore.

They were backing 20 doctors who threatened to quit their practice in the remote Quebec region because of uranium exploration nearby.

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Update: Sept-Iles residents want Quebec to halt uranium mining -- CTV

My Comment: A "not in my backyard protest ... one in which I am in complete agreement with.

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