Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Superhospital's Cost Might Double

MUHC executive director Arthur Porter visits the Glen Yard, future site of the megahospital, in April 2008. Photograph by: ALLEN MCINNIS, GAZETTE FILE, The Gazette

From The Montreal Gazette:

Projected at $800M in the 1990s; MUHC dismisses report of soaring price tag as rumour.

At a public meeting in September, Arthur Porter could hardly contain his joy as he announced that after years of delays, the future hospital of the McGill University Health Centre was finally going to be built.

At precisely noon on Dec. 3, he said, the MUHC would choose the winning bid to construct the $1.12-billion hospital in the city's west end. And the following morning, he added, everyone would be invited to a sod-turning ceremony at the construction site, the former Glen railway yard.

Well, Dec. 3 has come and gone with no announcement, and there was no sod-turning on Friday.

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My Comment: I guess that they think we are fools. In my entire life, not one government project or program ever met its budget guidelines. Their costs were always more by a factor of 2x plus. I expect the super hospital costs to go down the same route, if not more.

In the long term people are going to die from this lack of leadership from the government to get this project going .... 10 years and counting .... who are these people and why are we paying their salaries?

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