Monday, December 21, 2009

Quebec, Ontario Dump On Oilsands But Take The Cash

Despite Alberta's financial support, Quebec and Ontario have taken public shots at the province's oilsands development during the Copenhagen climate summit. (CP Photo).

From CTV:

MONTREAL — Ganging up on Alberta's polluting oilsands is becoming a national sport and it's on full display for the world in Copenhagen.

But what would the country look like if the cash flow pumped from the Western oil patch was suddenly turned off?

With climate change now morphing into a national-unity issue, angry defenders of Western oil argue that the provinces doing most of the environmental finger-pointing -- namely, Ontario and Quebec -- can only afford their own social programs and tax rates thanks to the gooey Alberta cash cow they love to disparage.

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My Comment: I cannot speak for Ontario, but for Quebec their reaction is so typical. they complain about the money .... and will with time demand more .... but in the interim will complain about how the money is made.

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