Thursday, December 10, 2009

Charest Rejects Unions' Tax Hike Proposal

Photo: Jean Charest

From The CBC:

Quebec's premier dismissed a suggestion Wednesday that he raise income taxes to balance the provincial budget.

Jean Charest said the tax increase proposed by a pair of major public-sector unions is a non-starter.

The first such demand came from the Confederation of National Trade Unions, which is seeking a significant salary bump in current contract talks and says spending cuts aren't the way to balance the books.

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My Comment: The unions demands are ridiculous .... but I understand their position .... they are asking for huge pay raises that if accepted would bust the budget .... hence they are trying their best to lower Quebec's debt.

Premier Charest is doing the right thing .... Quebecers cannot absorb more tax increases during a time of high unemployment and high debt.

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