Friday, December 11, 2009

N.B. Wins In Hydro-Québec Deal: Economist

From The CBC:

New Brunswick residents and businesses will likely emerge as winners in the proposed NB Power takeover deal, according to a Quebec economist.

Jean-Thomas Bernard, an economist at Laval University, has studied Hydro-Québec for years and he said the deal is good for the Quebec power corporation right now because it needs new customers to deal with all its excess power.

Bernard said Hydro-Québec may lose out in the long run and many of the utility's other customers would appreciate a similar deal that NB Power clients will be getting under the proposed arrangement.

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My Comment: I agree, New Brunswick gets the cheap rates and one less headache to handle .... but they still maintain their regulatory powers and oversight. The big loser is the Hydro Quebec consumer and Quebec taxpayer.

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