Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Backlash Over Quebec English-Only Brochures In Ontario

Quebec Faces Backlash Over English-Only Brochures -- Globe And Mail

Francophone Ontarians outraged after receiving tourism advertising.

An English-only tourism campaign aimed at luring Ontario residents to la belle province has backfired on Quebec officials, who have found themselves in the midst of a language flap instead.

French-speaking residents of Ontario said they were insulted and angry when they received English-only advertising brochures promoting snowmobiling in Quebec. The brochures, sent to 145,000 households in Ontario, vaunt Quebec's snowy trails as "A Ride Worth the Drive."

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Update: Tourisme Quebec's English brochures raise francophone ire -- CBC

My Comment: I always find French Quebecers living outside of Quebec having a schizophrenic viewpoint towards their former home (at least most of them). On the one hand they want everything to be done to protect the French fact .... but on the other hand they do not want to suffer the loss of income, personal wealth, and opportunity if they were to stay in the Province of Quebec (instead of Ontario, California, or anywhere else).

In short .... keep the French fact alive in Quebec, but do not tell us to pay and/or sacrifice for it.

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