Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quebec Brings In Strict Fuel Efficiency Standards

New regulations for fuel efficiency are expected to come into force for the 2010 model year in Quebec. Photograph by: Andreas Rentz], Getty Images

From The Montreal Gazette:

Environment and consumer groups welcomed news that Quebec’s new fuel efficiency standards officially take effect as of mid-January, meaning automakers will face stiff fines if they sell too many gas-guzzling vehicles in the province.

Quebec is the first Canadian province to adopt strict fuel efficiency standards for cars sold or leased in its territory, following the lead of California and 15 other American states in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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My Comment: This is just another tax on businesses that rely on vehicles and trucks to operate on the roads. My prediction .... Quebec auto dealerships are going to experience a steep drop in the sale of big vehicles, but Ontario is going to experience a boost in sales.

On a side note .... using California as a poster child for what can be accomplished on the environment is not a smart move for our politicians. I visit California on a regular basis (my brother lives in San Francisco), and their environmental guidelines (which Quebec is duplicating) has helped to devastate what was once a strong economy within 2 years. Throw in higher taxes .... we will then create the ideal environment for higher unemployment and a prolonged recession.

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