Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Montreal Opposition Wants Centralized Snow Removal

Photo: Montreal will open a centre to co-ordinate snow removal among its 19 boroughs following more than 30 centimetres of snow. (CBC)

From The CBC:

Montreal's opposition party is proposing to coordinate snow removal in all parts of the city through a centralized system it says could improve service and make it more efficient.

Vision Montréal plans to present its proposal at city council on Tuesday morning.

There is room to improve how snow removal operations roll out after storm days, said Réal Ménard, a member of Vision Montréal.

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My Comment: Centralizing serves rarely if ever produced cost savings or a better service. Best to leave these services at the local level, where everyone knows what is best and what needs to be done .... a perception that would be totally lacking from someone who is on the other side of the island.

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