Wednesday, May 20, 2009

300 Officers Conduct Massive Drug Raids At Kanesatake

Operation Cerro was a joint operation of a mixed unit comprising First Nations Peacekeepers, the RCMP and the Surete du Quebec.

From The CTV:

More than 300 police officers are dismantling a marijuana operation at the Mohawk community of Kanesatake, northwest of Montreal, in one of the largest law-enforcement operations in the area since the 1990 Oka crisis.

The RCMP, the Surete du Quebec and Kanesatake Peacekeepers, acting on citizen complaints, are conducting raids at 13 locations in an attempt to dismantle the grow operation. At least 16 people have been arrested so far as part of Project Cerro, and police have seized drugs and equipment that were part of greenhouses.

The Mounties also said earlier reports of shots fired were actually "detonations," but further details were not immediately available.

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Update #1: Raids uncover 8 grow-ops -- The Montreal Gazette

Update #2: 13 arrested in Kanesatake drug raids -- CBC

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