Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Few Takers For New Border Card

File photo: A United States customs agent hands a motorist information on the types of identification documents needed to cross the border from Canada. New rules go into effect starting June 1. Photograph by: Bill Pugliano, Getty Images

From The Montreal Gazette:

Slow start; Just 11,000 pay for 'enhanced' driver's permit.

The province's new enhanced driver's licences, which will act as official identification for crossing the border into the United States, are proving to be a tough sell.

In the first 31/2 months of the program only 11,000 enhanced licences - which have computer identity chips that can be read by border guards - have been issued, The Gazette has learned.

For the enhanced licence program to break even, about 10 per cent of drivers in the province, or a total of 500,000 people, must request one and pay the $40 fee.

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