Wednesday, May 6, 2009

71% English Students And 42% French Students Succeed In Graduating From Montreal High Schools

A Big English/French School Dropout Gap In Montreal -- CJAD

According to education ministry figures, students at the English Montreal Schoolboard are considerably likelier than their francophone counterparts at the Commission Scolaire de Montreal to stay in school and obtain their certificate. Only 42 percent of students at the Commission Scolaire de Montreal successfuly complete high school, compared with 71 percent of students at the EMSB.

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My Comment: Children of immigrants are .... by law .... forced to go to French schools. If anyone visits a french high school in Montreal (I have one behind my home), you will here English (and other languages) spoken as much as French. It is hard to learn about subjects in school when it is taught in another language.

42% graduation rate. This is an outrage. But the pro-french educators do not care .... to them it is all about getting students to fill the french schools so that they can continue keeping employed french teachers.

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