Monday, May 25, 2009

Quebec Favours Federal Liberals

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff gestures to supporters while accepting the leadership of the party during the Federal Liberal Party Biennial Convention in Vancouver May 2, 2009. Photograph by: Andy Clark, Reuters

From The Montreal Gazette:

Tories at 13 %; Charest's team in tie with PQ.

Amid tough economic times and rising unemployment, support for the federal Conservatives continues to languish at rock-bottom levels while the Liberals have reclaimed their place as the dominant federal party in Quebec, according to a new poll.

The Léger poll indicates that the Harper government's support in Quebec remains at only 13 per cent, which could possibly wipe out most of its 10 seats in the province were an election held today.

"This is catastrophic for the Conservatives," said Jean-Marc Léger, president of Léger Marketing. "Poll after poll shows they are losing ground. It will be a tough time for them."

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