Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo-Radar Coming To An Intersection Near You

Quebec's photo-radar pilot project will last 18 months. (CTV File Photo)

From The CTV:

fter months of preparation, Quebec is ready to catch law-breaking drivers on camera.

Fifteen photo-radar units and red-light cameras will start snapping photos of drivers across the province on Tuesday, as part of a pilot project that will last 18 months.

The goal is discourage drivers from speeding and running red lights.

"People expecting to be caught doing something wrong on the road will behave differently and will improve their ability to drive safely," said Mario St-Pierre, a spokesperson for Transports Québec.

Six of the new devices will be on the Island of Montreal, in the following locations:

* Décarie Blvd North., at the corner of Paré St.
* McDougall Rd., between The Boulevard and Cedar Ave.
* Autoroute 15 South, about 300 metres ahead of the Atwater exit
* University St., at the corner of Notre-Dame St. West
* Ste. Catherine St. East, at the corner of Iberville St.
* Notre-Dame St East, between De Lorimier and Gonthier Aves.

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