Monday, May 25, 2009

Disputed Inquiry Into Police Shooting Of Montreal Teen Set To Begin

Photo: Fredy Villanueva, 18, was shot dead Aug. 9, 2008. (Canadian Press)

From The CBC:

A coroner's inquiry into the police shooting of a Montreal teenager last August is set to begin Monday despite widespread criticism of the process as being one-sided and too narrow in scope.

Several witnesses and community groups have bowed out from the inquest into Fredy Villanueva's death, claiming the investigation has lost all credibility.

Villanueva, 18, was shot dead in a Montreal North park on Aug. 9 2008 while officers were trying to arrest his older brother Dany. Two other men — Denis Meas, 18, and Jeffrey Sagor Metellus, 20 — were in the park at the time playing dice with the Villanueva brothers and were also shot, but survived their injuries.

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Update: Coroner's inquiry into Villanueva shooting set to begin -- CTV

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