Monday, October 19, 2009

Does A Sovereigntist HAve A Chance To Be Mayor In Montreal?

Photo: Mayoral challengers (left) Louise Harel and Richard Bergeron listen as incumbent Gérald Tremblay speaks at a recent symposium. The candidates' political pasts could come back to haunt them on voting day. Photograph by: JOHN MAHONEY, GAZETTE FILE, The Gazette

Referendum Revisited -- Monteal Gazette

For some Montreal voters, it matters whether the mayor is a federalist or a sovereignist.

Vision Montreal leader Louise Harel has worked for Quebec's sovereignty most of her life.

The incumbent mayor, Gérald Tremblay of Union Montreal, worked in the opposite direction, on the federalist side.

And Projet Montréal leader Richard Bergeron refuses to discuss the Quebec-in-Canada issue because he says it has nothing to do with the race for the mayor's office.

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My Comment: It is hard to vote for someone like Louise Harel whose disrespect of the English community has always been there. But for some ... they will still vote for her. For me .... I definitely will not. That fact that her history in the PQ cabinet was one in which she was a tax and spend politician also does not help her case.

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