Friday, October 30, 2009

Tight Race For Montreal Mayor

The November 9, 2009 edition of Maclean's magazine features a scathing report on municipal politics in Montreal. (Courtesy:

From CTV:

With just two days left before the municipal election, a new poll finds there's no clear frontrunner in the race for mayor of Montreal.

An Angus Reid poll conducted for La Presse shows that Gerald Tremblay, Louise Harel and Richard Bergeron are in a statistical tie ahead of the Nov. 1 vote.

The survey was conducted Oct. 28-29 amongst 804 adult Montrealers.

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Update: Montreal campaign hits final stretch -- CBC

My Comment: I do not know who is going to win on Sunday, but it appears that for Mayor Tremblay this election has become a disaster. What was suppose to be an easy win, is now an unknown result for him and his party.

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