Friday, October 23, 2009

Montreal City Hall And The Stench Of Corruption

Benoit Labonte addresses the media at a press conference on Saturday, October 17, 2009.

Montreal City Hall Run By Mafia-Like System: Ex-Opposition Leader -- CBC

Montreal's former opposition leader says the city's political system is run by a Mafia-like system — and his opponents know it.

On the weekend, Benoît Labonté was forced to resign from his party and drop out of the campaign for the city’s Nov. 1 election over allegations he met with, and accepted donations from, a controversial construction entrepreneur.

Labonté initially denied the allegations.

Now, in an interview with Radio-Canada, Labonté has admitted he lied.

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More News On Corruption At Montreal City Hall

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My Comment: Benoit Labonte is clearly peeved that he has been kicked out of his own political party. He is now spilling the beans, and even if 25% of what he says is true, corruption in our political process runs very deep on both the municipal and provincial level.

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