Friday, October 30, 2009

Flu Rage In Canada

Patients are turned away from a clinic in Calgary, Alta., on Oct. 30 because there were already thousands of people waiting in line for their H1N1 swine flu vaccination. Photograph by: Leah Hennel, Canwest News Service

H1N1 'Flu Rage' Explodes Across Canada -- Montreal Gazette

As much as flu fears have people pulling away, H1N1 is also uniting Canadians through emotion — specifically, a deeply entrenched sense of frustration that, for many, has mutated into bitterness, anger and even hostility.

Call it flu rage. Across the country, otherwise mild-mannered Canadians are finding themselves admonishing strangers for open sneezing, losing their cool with queue-jumpers at vaccination clinics, writing angry letters to government and media, and lashing out at friends whose H1N1 opinions differ from their own.

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My Comment: Hospital ERs are packed with people with a slight fever. People lining up to get a flu shot even when they do not fill the criteria to get a flu shot now. Media hysteria .... yup .... hysteria ruling the tv and radio airways. Dirty looks on the bus when someone coughs.

From my perspective .... it appears that everyone is going nuts. Flu rage and flu hysteria all in one package.

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swine flu and insurance said...

If I may add, insurance companies are going nuts also. Their approach to this problem is rather surprising - severe swine flu patients are classes just as patients with plague!! More about life insurance and swine flu on my blog.

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