Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Restrict Access To English CEGEPs: Nationalists

Photo: Former Quebec premier Bernard Landry says English CEGEPs are drawing students away from the French language. (CBC)

From The CBC:

Former Quebec premier Bernard Landry is lending his support to Quebec nationalist groups who want to see the province's language laws applied to CEGEPs.

The hard-line groups want to reduce the number of students attending the junior colleges in English.

Under Bill 101, new immigrants to Quebec are required to attend French elementary and secondary schools but are free to go to either an English or French junior college.

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My Comment: The bigotry and cultural racism from the nationalists for all to see. Landry has no idea how people outside of his "community" perceive this for what it is.

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Tony Kondaks said...

The PQ just doesn't get it.

As long as they continue to violate human rights (and, yes, determining one's access to schools according to who your parents are and what their certification is does violate human rights!), they will never get their own country.

Once they start ACTING like a real nation -- that is, repeal Bill 101 in its entirety -- they'll be surprised how quickly independence comes.

But now all they think of doing is strengthening Bill 101 which, as Stephane Dion said, is a great Canadian law. All federal parties represented in Canada's House of Commons not only support Bill 101 but actively defend it in institutions such as the Supreme Court where their representatives routinely side with Quebec against challenges to Bill 101.