Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Montreal Food Bank Donations Down 20 Per Cent

From The CBC:

Montreal's largest food bank is struggling to meet growing demand as donations drop in the wake of the economic crisis.

Moisson Montréal says food donations have dropped by 20 per cent this year, a dramatic reduction that director Johanne Théroux says she has never experienced in her six years on the job.

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My Comment: The problem is worse than what they are reporting. Debts and being unemployed are devastating families .... a problem that is only getting worse with each year.

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mike@ahamoment.com said...

Wow, this is a tough one. Vivienne told us her story a while back, about working at a food bank in Reno. She ended up in a conversation w/ a woman there, and realized how similar they were in so many ways.
Anyway I really feel it's stories like this that might inspire MORE people to ether make a donation or volunteer.
I hope you find her story as inspirational as I do. Thanks for reading.