Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inquiry Into Municipal Corruption?

Photo: Former judge John Gomery says the scandals that have hit Montreal's two main municipal parties share a common thread with the sponsorship scandal. (CBC)

Gomery Calls For Inquiry Into Municipal Corruption -- CBC

Former head of federal sponship inquiry weighs in on Montreal election campaign.

The man who headed the federal inquiry into the sponsorship scandal is calling on the Quebec government to launch a similar investigation into political corruption in Montreal.

Retired Superior Court judge John Gomery, the honorary chair of a fundraising campaign by opposition party Projet Montréal, was reacting to scandals that have broken in the months leading up to the city’s Nov. 1 election.

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Update: Mob linked to construction and politics in Quebec? -- CTV

My Comment: Justice Gomery is right. Even though he has a vested interest in one of the opposition parties, there does appear to be a level of corruption in City Hall that needs to be investigated. His recommendations should be adopted by all municipal parties after the election.

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