Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Labonté Deals Under Review

Vision Montreal candidate Benoit Labonte (Oct. 14, 2009)

From The Montreal Gazette:

Forced to drop out of campaign; Ville Marie checks contracts, subsidies that involve his former associates.

Benoit Labonté's borough is reviewing $180,000 in municipal contracts and subsidies that went to the firms of former members of his team.

Labonté is the outgoing borough mayor of Ville Marie who was forced to drop out of the Nov. 1 municipal election race on Sunday by Louise Harel, his Vision Montreal party's mayoral candidate, after media reports claimed that he and his entourage accepted clandestine cash contributions from businesspeople during his bid to become the party's leader in 2008.

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Update: Allegations stain mayoral race in Montreal -- National Post

My Comment: His career is ruin. Even if he is innocent, it will be very difficult for him to shake this label.

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